TERA Online Server: Celestial Hills (NA)

Mamisero - Elin Mystic
Aleari - Castanic Sorcerer
Imura - High Elf Archer
Ithus - High Elf Priest
Yvere - Elin Berserker

Bold = main characters
Super High School Level Failure

My name is Andrea, but you can call me Andy. I'm 20, and spend most of my time either on TERA Online or on Tumblr. I will tag whatever you need, so long as you send me an ask asking me to tag those things. o/

This is a personal blog, so you'll see personal posts mixed in with a bunch of fandoms, such as;

Persona 3/4
Dangan Ronpa
DRAMAtical Murder
Assorted KPOP
And a bunch of others

I actually put up a thread on gaia of all places for a piece of art of my bunny boy

rip andy

Crazed Maka

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honestly what the hell

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So I got a new OC a long while back.. and I still have yet to give him a name, personality, or anything of the sort..

I need to get actual art of him too, since chibis don’t do too well for art references.. ;~; he’s so cute tho. He’s gonna be my tough guy. qq

Entry No. 2

Another entry, title-less because I’m not creative in the slightest. \o/ This was something I did on a whim and it makes little-to-no sense.. so I may end up deleting it. I dunno. Transcript under the cut.

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